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Suguru & Variants by Logic Wiz

Suguru & Variants by Logic Wiz

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  • Version:v2.6.19
  • Size:176.21 M
  • Time:2024-05-15
Content Introduction

Are you seeking a new mental workout that's both addictive and stimulating? Look no further than Suguru & Variants by Logic Wiz, a captivating number puzzle game that takes inspiration from Sudoku and Kakuro. This game presents a distinctive grid and set of rules that will test your logical skills and provide endless entertainment. Available for free, the app features a curated collection of puzzles across five distinct difficulty levels, ensuring a rewarding challenge for both beginners and experts alike. The user-friendly design ensures that learning is straightforward, while the gameplay is engaging and challenging to master. Join the ranks of the Logic Wiz community and discover why Suguru is an essential addition to any puzzle enthusiast's toolkit.

Key Highlights of Suguru & Variants:

- Innovative Gameplay: Suguru blends the best of Sudoku and Kakuro to create a unique and engaging grid-based puzzle experience.

- Artistically Crafted Puzzles: Each puzzle is thoughtfully designed for an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying play experience.

- Varied Difficulty Levels: With a range of levels from Beginner to Expert, Suguru accommodates a wide spectrum of players, offering a tailored challenge for all.

- Intuitive Interface: The clean layout and intuitive controls make Suguru easy to pick up, with a depth that rewards strategic play and skill development.

- Guided Assistance and Challenges: Suguru includes helpful hints to assist and educate players, along with a Weekly Challenge to maintain engagement and encourage skill advancement.

- Cross-Platform Progression: Enjoy the convenience of cloud synchronization, allowing you to play Suguru on multiple devices and maintain continuity in your progress.

Final Thoughts:

Suguru & Variants by Logic Wiz is a free, captivating puzzle game that redefines number puzzles with its innovative approach. With its handcrafted puzzles, diverse difficulty levels, accessible interface, supportive features, and cross-device capabilities, Suguru is an ideal choice for casual gamers and puzzle aficionados. Download Suguru now and embark on a journey to sharpen your mind through fun and challenging gameplay.