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Reverse: 1999 Update Schedule and Upcoming Features

Release Time:2024-06-05 writer:站长

The latest update for Reverse: 1999, version 1.3, is now live, introducing a range of new features, optimizations, characters, and events. The first phase of this update features a special time-limited event called Home Practice, offering players a unique gaming experience.

Upcoming Version 1.5 Update

The next major update for Reverse: 1999, version 1.5, is highly anticipated and is expected to bring significant additions and changes to the game. This update will introduce new features, improvements, and exciting new characters.

Reverse: 1999 Update Release Date

The current update, version 1.4, is ongoing and started on February 29th, 2024. It will conclude on April 18th, 2024, following the game's usual monthly update schedule. Players can expect the eagerly awaited Reverse: 1999 version 1.5 update to arrive on April 19th, 2024.


Expected Features in Version 1.5

The upcoming Reverse: 1999 version 1.5 update is expected to unveil intriguing new characters who play pivotal roles in the game's storyline. Based on insights gathered during the Closed Beta, it is anticipated that version 1.5 will introduce upcoming characters for Reverse: 1999, named Ezra Theodore and Spathodea.


Speculation about Free Pulls and Psychubes

Players are eagerly speculating whether the trend of providing 14 free pulls in every update from version 1.2 to 1.4 will continue in version 1.5. Additionally, the introduction of new 6-star characters is expected, along with a fresh influx of Psychubes, further enhancing the gaming experience.


The upcoming Reverse: 1999 version 1.5 update promises to bring exciting new content and features to the game. Players can look forward to captivating characters, 6-star limited additions, and the continuation of the game's engaging storyline. Stay tuned for more updates and information about the upcoming Reverse: 1999 version 1.5 update.

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