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Woody Puzzle

Woody Puzzle

  • Category:Leisure
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  • Language:中文
  • Version:v 3.6.8
  • Size:77.23 M
  • Time:2024-05-29
Content Introduction

Meet "Woody Puzzle," an exquisite block puzzle game crafted just for you. Inspired by the warmth of natural materials, "WOODY" is designed to help you de-stress and find serenity amidst the hustle of everyday life. With its 10x10 wooden jigsaw puzzles, this game serves as both entertainment and a means to enhance cognitive health and foster positive social connections. Delve into this tranquil puzzle experience, characterized by its rustic design and straightforward gameplay. Push yourself to surpass your own score and monitor your advancement with the easy-to-understand visual chart. Plus, you can instantly share your triumphs on Facebook and engage in friendly competition with friends and family.

Features of Woody Puzzle:

- Free to Play Forever: Savor the game without incurring any costs or subscription fees.

- Aesthetically Pleasing with Rustic Charm: Indulge in a visually delightful game that embodies a countryside aesthetic.

- Effortlessly Simple and Pressure-Free, No Time Limits: Enjoy a relaxed gaming experience, free from stress and time constraints.

- Challenging Enough to Set Personal Records: Hone your skills and aim to surpass your top score.

- Compact Install Size, Considerate to Your Storage: Install the game without concern for significant space usage on your device.

- Visually Informative Progress Chart: Keep yourself inspired and monitor your daily progress with a clear visual chart.


"Woody Puzzle" is a free-to-play block puzzle game designed with relaxation and enjoyment in mind. It boasts a rustic and visually captivating design, coupled with easy and hassle-free gameplay. While it appears simple, the game presents unexpected challenges to keep you captivated and driven. Thanks to its modest install size, you can download and play without storage concerns. Moreover, the game includes a visual progress chart and the ability to compete with friends and family on Facebook. Experience "WOODY" today and revel in the pleasure of nurturing a happy and healthy brain.