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Draw Fly

Draw Fly

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  • Language:中文
  • Version:v1.2.7
  • Size: 94.43 M
  • Time:2024-05-29
Content Introduction

Meet "Draw Fly!" This engrossing puzzle game challenges your IQ and problem-solving prowess. Your task is straightforward: sketch a path to guide your character's flight to the finish safely. But beware! You may face walls, traps, and other impediments that could result in defeat. With its demanding levels and compelling gameplay, "Draw Fly" will keep you entertained for hours on end. It's not just an excellent brain workout and IQ assessment; it doubles as a wonderful stress-relief tool, thanks to its vivid colors and calming drawing tasks. So why delay? Begin drawing and let the enjoyment commence! Share the joy and invite fellow drawing game enthusiasts to partake in the heartwarming entertainment of "Draw Fly."

Features of Draw Fly:

❤️ Challenging Gameplay:

"Draw Fly" presents an entertaining and addictive puzzle game that encompasses escape challenges, brain tests, and drawing activities. It assesses your IQ and problem-solving capabilities, offering challenging gameplay that maintains your engagement.

❤️ Goal-oriented:

The game's primary goal is to achieve a safe landing at the finish line. However, collisions with walls, trap encounters, or falling short of the goal spell failure. This element adds zest and impels you to strive for success.

❤️ Brain Exercise:

This app is a fantastic mental workout, aimed at enhancing your IQ and gauging your cognitive skills. The in-game brain teasers and challenges provide a robust mental workout.

❤️ Simple and Addictive:

Thanks to its uncomplicated gameplay mechanics, "Draw Fly" is easy to grasp and play. Its addictive quality ensures hours of entertainment as you experiment with various strategies to surmount the obstacles.

❤️ Relaxing and Gratifying:

The game boasts amusing sounds and clever game effects that enrich the overall experience. It's crafted to deliver a serene and satisfying gameplay, letting you relish the act of drawing and puzzle-solving.

❤️ Endless Drawing Delight:

"Draw to Fly" offers an endless drawing experience on your device. With a multitude of colorful characters at your disposal, this complimentary and exhilarating art drawing game presents a joyful drawing adventure. It stands as a superb tool for stress relief, designed to calm and soothe.


Dive into the entertaining and demanding gameplay of "Draw Fly," a mesmerizing puzzle game that hones your cognitive skills and problem-solving talents. This captivating app delivers a straightforward and gratifying drawing experience, allowing you to unwind and savor the process. With its limitless drawing delights and soothing attributes, this game is ideal for anyone in search of wholesome entertainment. Spread the word and rally more drawing game aficionados to join the fun! Click now to download and initiate your drawing odyssey.