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Teaching Feelings

Teaching Feelings

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  • Version: 3.0.23
  • Size: 830.00 M
  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Teaching Feelings APK beckons players into an enthralling visual novel experience, immersing them in the enchanting tale of Sylvie's love story. Players adopt the role of a dedicated doctor in a small town, thrust into an unexpected adventure when a man arrives at their doorstep with a young girl, claiming they owe him a debt. Gameplay revolves around nurturing Sylvie's physical and emotional recovery, while simultaneously maintaining one's own life balance. With numerous choices and paths to explore, players navigate various scenarios, shaping a brighter, more fulfilling existence for both themselves and Sylvie. This heartwarming game emphasizes values of empathy, understanding, and human rights, rendering it a truly enriching encounter.

Features of Teaching Feelings:

  • * A visually-striking visual novel game with captivating graphics and sounds, transporting players to a mesmerizing sakura-filled realm.

  • * An immersive love story centered around Sylvie, offering players a compelling narrative to delve into.

  • * Assumes the role of a diligent small-town doctor who takes in Sylvie, embarking on a new journey together.

  • * Varied gameplay options, including conversations, head-pats, or touches, each influencing the story's trajectory.

  • * Alongside caring for Sylvie, players must sustain their own livelihood, explore the surrounding world, and maintain their life balance.

  • * Advocates humanitarian values, encouraging players to comprehend, protect, and act benevolently, ultimately crafting a better life for Sylvie.


Teaching Feelings APK is a captivating visual novel game that invites players to dive into Sylvie's beguiling love story. With its stunning visuals, diverse gameplay options, and emphasis on imparting significant humanitarian values, this app offers a deeply immersive and rewarding experience. Download now to embark on this heartfelt journey.