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Vehicle AR Drive

Vehicle AR Drive

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  • Version: 2.5
  • Size: 60.00 M
  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Experience the thrill of driving realistic vehicles in augmented reality with Vehicle AR Drive. Simply install the app on your Android device to witness cars, trucks, buses, and more come alive as 3D models in your real world. Utilize the AR camera to scan surfaces and place vehicles in your environment. Control the vehicles using on-screen controls and even adjust their size and position. Whether for entertainment or educational purposes, this app takes you into an exhilarating augmented reality realm. Download now and start enjoying Vehicle AR Drive!

Features of Vehicle AR Drive:

  • * View 3D Vehicles in AR: The app enables users to visualize realistic 3D representations of vehicles in the real world through augmented reality technology.

  • * Immersive AR Experience: Users can fully immerse themselves in the AR world, exploring and interacting with vehicles in a unique and exciting manner.

  • * Drive in AR: Intuitive on-screen controls allow users to drive virtual vehicles and feel the rush of being behind the wheel.

  • * Stunning Colors & Textures: The 3D vehicle models boast visually appealing colors and realistic textures, enhancing their appeal.

  • * Access Virtual Content at Your Location: Users can bring virtual vehicles into their own environment, personalizing and increasing the interactivity of the experience.

  • * Adjust AR Model Scale: Users have the option to resize the 3D vehicles, matching them to real-life scale, thereby enhancing the authenticity of the AR experience.


Vehicle AR Drive elevates your augmented reality experience to new heights. Immerse yourself in a world where realistic 3D vehicles come to life in your surroundings. Drive, explore, and interact with these vehicles like never before. The app offers stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and customization of vehicle sizes, catering to both entertainment and educational pursuits. Let your imagination soar – download Vehicle AR Drive and start your augmented reality adventure today!