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Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon

Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon

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  • Version: 1.014
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  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon is the ultimate farming idle simulator that lets you cultivate, harvest, and build your very own agricultural empire! Take charge of a farmstead and revel in the joys of tending crops, feeding chickens, and milking cows. Tap, touch, and upgrade your structures to earn cash, hire workers to manage your operations, and sell your goods at the farmer's market for profit. Expand your town by acquiring new lands to raise adorable farm animals. With its charming graphics and addictive gameplay, Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon is a must-have for all agriculture enthusiasts. Download now and become the idle farming tycoon!

Features of Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon:

  • - Cultivate: Sow seeds in your fields and watch your crops flourish.

  • - Harvest: Gather your crops and sell for profits.

  • - Automate: Employ workers to run your farm and earn money, even when offline.

  • - Construct: Purchase additional land and diversify with cute farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens to expand your farm.

  • - Upgrade: Tap, interact, and enhance your buildings to boost your income.

  • - Marketplace: Sell your produce at the farmer's market to optimize your earnings.


Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon is a delightfully engaging and addictive agricultural simulator that immerses you in the乐趣of establishing and managing your farming empire. Boasting an intuitive interface and captivating visuals, the game delivers a fun and laid-back gaming experience. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated tycoon builder, Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon offers endless entertainment. Embark on the journey to become the ultimate idle farming magnate today – download now!