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Idle Prison Tycoon Mod

Idle Prison Tycoon Mod

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  • Version:1.0.49
  • Size: 57.00 M
  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Welcome to Idle Prison Tycoon! Join our thrilling seasonal events held weekly! Experience incredible themes and challenges like Life & Death, Fantasy Realm, Robot Dreams, Wasteland Winds, and Third Humanity. Unlock these events upon reaching Prison Level 3. Seeking a prison tycoon game like no other? Become a tycoon of corrections, teaching criminals valuable lessons the "right" way. This simulation empowers you to transform inmates' lives. Manage prisoners and facilities to earn, watching your jail evolve from a modest single-story structure into a towering skyscraper. Don't miss out – download now!

Features of Idle Prison Tycoon:

  • > Weekly Seasonal Events: Engage in our exhilarating weekly seasonal events. Immerse yourself in diverse themes and challenges ranging from Life & Death to Fantasy Realm, Robot Dreams, Wasteland Winds, and Third Humanity.

  • > Tiered Event Access: Unlock events as you progress through the game. Reach Prison Level 3 to gain entry and participate in heart-thumping events and missions.

  • > Tycoon of Prisons: Revel in the tycoon experience! Delve into prison management, showcasing your skills in transforming convicts' lives.

  • > Unique Rehabilitation Approach: Teach wrongdoers the "right" path. Enjoy a simulation focused on reforming inmates by providing them with the tools and opportunities to change.

  • > Facility Management: Oversee prisoners and operate your penal facilities. As you advance, witness your facility morph from a humble single-story to a mammoth high-rise.

  • > Strategic Gameplay: Master strategic prison operations and expansion. Make shrewd decisions to maximize profits and create a secure, efficient environment for both inmates and staff.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of prison management and rehabilitation through our engaging seasonal events. Experience distinct themes, undertake challenging missions, and transform criminals' lives within this unique simulation. Strategically manage your facilities, turning them into towering edifices, profiting while making a positive impact. Download now to embark on your journey as a prison tycoon!