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Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart

  • Category:Survival
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  • Language:中文
  • Version:v1.0.19
  • Size:1.63 M
  • Time:2024-05-16
Content Introduction

Welcome to Noah's Heart, an expansive open-world MMORPG developed by Archosaur Games, where you can immerse yourself in the splendor of a vast, seamless planet brought to life with Unreal Engine 4. This game offers unrestricted exploration—venture forth and uncover every secret of this wondrous world! Specialize in various professions and gather resources to craft the tools and items essential for your journey. Your path is not one of solitude; summon the spirits of historical figures to accompany you, harnessing their knowledge and might. Forge alliances with players worldwide, form guilds, and embark on dungeon expeditions together. Engage in dynamic, real-time combat with complete agency over your character's actions and abilities. In the realm of Noah's Heart, you are part of a vibrant community—join us and craft your very own tale of adventure!

Key Features of Noah's Heart:

⭐️ Vast Open World: Delve into the planet Noah, a realm teeming with marvels and quests. Boundless and unrestricted, you are free to traverse and uncover the mysteries of this diverse environment.

⭐️ Social Interaction: Connect with a global community of players to cultivate lasting friendships. Collaborate within guilds, undertake shared missions, and strengthen your camaraderie while reaping collective rewards. Revel in the shared experiences of discovery and collaboration.

⭐️ Crafting and Resource Gathering: As you traverse the landscape, seek out the resources that are abundant across the planet. Employ a range of professions to create everything necessary for a self-sufficient existence on Noah. The wealth of materials at your disposal opens up infinite creative possibilities.

⭐️ Historical Figure Summoning: Call forth the Phantoms of notable historical figures to join your quest. Tap into the wisdom and prowess of these illustrious beings from the alternate world of Noah's Heart. Cultivate relationships with your Phantoms and delve into their distinctive narratives, as they become your steadfast companions in combat and everyday endeavors.

⭐️ Dynamic Combat: Participate in exhilarating 3D real-time battles with full command over your character's maneuvers, assaults, and techniques. Defy the constraints of traditional weaponry and class limitations. Select your weapon of choice and switch effortlessly between primary and secondary arms. Unite with friends to confront rival factions and vanquish the fearsome creatures that dwell within the dungeons.

⭐️ Visual Splendor with Unreal Engine 4: Lose yourself in the spectacular vistas of Noah's planet, rendered with the advanced capabilities of Unreal Engine 4. The exceptional graphics elevate your gaming experience, ensuring that your adventures in Noah's Heart are truly memorable.


Set sail on an extraordinary journey through Noah's Heart, a cutting-edge open-world MMORPG. With its expansive world to explore, the liberty to craft and gather resources, the unique feature of summoning historical figures, the opportunity to forge friendships and guilds, a myriad of combat options, and the visual grandeur provided by Unreal Engine 4, this game delivers an immersive and enthralling experience for all gamers. Become a part of Noah's planet's explorers and author your very own epic adventure story today! Click to download and embark on your adventure in Noah's Heart.