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Zoom Tiny Video Player

Zoom Tiny Video Player

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  • Version: 9.0
  • Size:2.58 M
  • Time:2024-06-04
Content Introduction

Explore an innovative approach to enriching your video viewing experience with the Zoom Tiny Video Player app. This app grants you total command over the audio and visual aspects of your videos through simple slider adjustments. Whether you're aiming to introduce a sepia tint, enhance vibrancy, or apply a grayscale filter, you can effortlessly modify the brightness, contrast, and saturation to your liking. The app also encompasses a suite of audio enhancement features, including an equalizer, virtualizer, bass boost, and reverb. Plus, enjoy the convenience of zooming and panning with intuitive gestures, manipulating playback speed, and even toggling a horizontal flip for your videos. Bid farewell to inaccurate or dull colors and indulge in a tailored video experience. Please be aware that the app doesn't demand extra permissions, may not support all video and audio formats, and lacks a save or record function. Make the upgrade to version 5 to unlock a new dimension of video enjoyment.

Features of Zoom Tiny Video Player:

- Audio Customization: The app provides a variety of sound enhancement options such as an Equalizer, Virtualizer, Bass Boost, and Reverb, letting you tailor the audio to suit your preferences while watching videos.

- Color Filter Effects: Enhance your viewing experience by applying diverse color filters. With sliders for brightness, contrast, saturation, and individual controls for red, green, and blue, you can create custom effects like sepia, vivid, and grayscale.

- Zoom and Pan Capability: Utilize pinch and drag gestures to zoom in and out and pan across the video frame. This feature allows you to focus on specific areas of the video with precision.

- Adjustable Playback Speed: The app permits you to modify the speed at which videos play, offering capabilities for slow motion and fast-forwarding. This adaptability adds to the flexibility of your video-watching experience.

- Mini View Comparison: A mini view window is available, showing the video's original state in terms of color and zoom. This feature helps you to instantly compare the effects of your adjustments.

- Horizontal Video Flip: The app includes a feature to flip videos horizontally, which is useful for content that is more visually appealing or intended for this orientation.


The Zoom Tiny Video Player app is an essential utility for videophiles seeking to amplify their viewing experiences. With features like sound enhancements and color filter effects, you can personalize both the auditory and visual components of your videos. The app's zoom and pan function, playback speed control, and mini view comparison provide greater control over video interaction, while the horizontal flip option accommodates diverse viewing preferences. In sum, this app is user-friendly and promises a marked enhancement to your video-watching sessions. Download the app now to revolutionize your video viewing experience!