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AR Ruler App

AR Ruler App

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  • Version:2.8.3
  • Size: 95.88 M
  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Discover a new dimension in measurement and design with the AR Ruler App, a cutting-edge tool that streamlines the process of measuring and planning spaces with remarkable accuracy. This app harnesses the power of augmented reality to offer a seamless experience, even in offline conditions.

Here's an in-depth look at the AR Ruler App's features:

- **Integrated Length Meter**: Effortlessly measure the dimensions of a house or any object with the app's built-in length meter, providing a convenient and direct method for obtaining measurements.

- **Offline Measurement Capability**: The app's impressive measurement mode allows you to measure objects without the need for an internet connection, ensuring you can work efficiently in any environment.

- **High-Precision Predictions**: Receive precise numerical values and accurate predictions for various metrics, enabling you to gather useful information with confidence.

- **Advanced Measurement Mode**: Capture a photo of an object, and the app will deliver accurate measurements for length, width, and height, modernizing the way you approach dimensions.

- **Object Weight Estimation**: Gain comprehensive insights into the mass of objects with the app's weight estimation feature, which offers results within a small margin of error.

- **Innovative Design Tools**: Unlock fresh ideas and access tools that empower you to design the perfect room, enhanced by intriguing metrics that inform and inspire your creative process.

In conclusion, the AR Ruler App is a revolutionary tool that transforms the conventional methods of measurement and room design. It offers a precise built-in length meter, advanced measurement modes, and sophisticated design tools, making it an indispensable ally for accurate measurements and creative planning. Download the AR Ruler App now to elevate your measuring and designing capabilities to new heights.