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Sugar Blast

Sugar Blast

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  • Version:1.36.1
  • Size:140.12 M
  • Time:2024-07-08
Content Introduction

Sugar Blast is an addictive and vibrant casual game that satiates your sweet tooth while challenging your puzzle-solving skills. Crafted by Rovio, the masterminds behind the Angry Birds franchise, and inspired by the widely beloved Candy Crush series, your mission is simple yet engrossing: tap on clusters of colorful spheres to make them explode, revealing delectable chocolates and candies. What sets Sugar Blast apart is its physics-based gameplay, where spheres stack realistically; when one cluster shatters, the balls convincingly tumble down. Clearing a large group with a single touch creates a special chocolate ball, triggering a chain reaction that explodes adjacent spheres. With hundreds of levels and diverse objectives—like guiding chocolate eggs or detonating same-colored spheres—each level presents a fresh challenge. Sugar Blast diverges from Rovio's traditional bird-centric games, immersing you in a confectionary adventure. Boasting stunning graphics and countless levels, this game promises hours of unadulterated fun.

Key Features of Sugar Blast:

  • - A casual game from the creators of the Angry Birds phenomenon.

  • - Gameplay reminiscent of the Candy Crush franchise.

  • - Tap on colored sphere clusters to destroy them and unveil candies.

  • - Realistic physics – spheres fall and move naturally.

  • - Create special chocolate balls by clearing large groups.

  • - Hundreds of levels with varying objectives.


Mirroring the gameplay of Candy Crush, it dares players to tap on color-matched sphere clusters for destruction and candy collection. The realistic physics adds an extra thrill as spheres authentically descend and shift. Strategically forming special chocolate balls by clearing large bunches introduces a tactical layer. With a wealth of levels and excellent visuals, Sugar Blast can entertain for hours on end. Click now to download and embark on this bird-free, candy-filled escapade!