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I Love Hue 2

I Love Hue 2

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  • Version:v1.2.5
  • Size:75.82 M
  • Time:2024-06-11
Content Introduction

Meet "I Love Hue 2" – an enthralling color grid puzzle game that challenges your creativity and color perception! With four distinct game modes – palettes, gradient, circle, and radial – you'll be captivated by a universe of lively shades and intricate puzzles. Your mission in each puzzle is to logically and perceptively arrange tile pieces based on their colors, aiming to form a perfect spectrum or unravel the entertaining challenge. "I Love Hue 2" is a passion project, developed with a profound admiration for the nuances of color, including hue, chroma, saturation, and shade. Best of all, this app promises endless free play with no hidden fees or subscriptions. Prepare to be immersed in a colorful realm of play and exhilarating fun!

Features of I Love Hue 2:

* Four Diverse Puzzle Variants: Select from palettes, gradient, circle, and radial puzzles, offering a multitude of gameplay styles to keep you engaged.

* Assess Your Color Acumen: Designed to test your visual discernment and inventiveness with colors, this app is an excellent tool for brain training and enhancing your chromatic abilities.

* Compelling Game Mechanics: Strategically move tile pieces based on color to solve puzzles and reveal the correct spectrum or delightful solution. It's a captivating puzzle experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

* Aesthetic Visuals: Delve into an environment of vivid colors and striking patterns. The radial puzzle's swirling effect and the gradient's smooth transitions offer a visually gratifying encounter.

* Lifetime Free Access: Distinguishing itself from many apps, "I Love Hue 2" is entirely free to download and play, with no covert charges or recurring fees. Enjoy boundless color puzzles without any financial commitment.

* Passionately Crafted: This app is a testament to the love and dedication to the world of color, from hues and chroma to saturation and shade. You can sense the meticulous effort in creating an enjoyable and immersive experience.


"I Love Hue 2" is the ideal app for those who are passionate about colors and enjoy puzzles. With its four unique puzzle modes, immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and free lifetime access, it's an essential download for anyone in search of a stimulating and enjoyable color-focused game. Download now and let the colors enchant your senses!