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My Pretend Home

My Pretend Home

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  • Version:v4.7
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  • Time:2024-05-16
Content Introduction

Searching for an enchanting and inventive game that provides hours of entertainment? Discover "My Pretend Home & Family Town," the interactive dollhouse game that lets you craft your own personalized world from the comfort of your home, with the involvement of your family and friends. With over 24 customizable characters and the freedom to interact with every element in the game, you can bring your dream space to life. Delve into seven unique areas of the house, such as the Kitchen, Bedroom, Backyard Pool, and Garage, each brimming with engaging items and devices. Customize vehicles in the Garage, throw a barbecue by the pool, engage in games and artistic expression in the Bedroom, and whip up delectable dishes in the Kitchen. Unleash your creativity and savor countless moments of joy with your loved ones!

Features of My Pretend Home:

- Craft Your World**: The app empowers you to forge your own world within your home, alongside family and friends. With access to more than 24 characters, you can tap and interact with everything to craft the space of your dreams.

- Diverse Play Areas**: Explore seven distinct areas within the house tailored for imaginative play, from the Kitchen and Bedroom to the Backyard Pool and Garage, each equipped with interactive objects and gadgets for an immersive experience.

- Garage Personalization**: In the Garage, you can personalize your vehicles by selecting colors, applying decals, utilizing various accessories, and fueling up. Unleash your creativity with a wide range of color schemes and design options.

- Backyard Pool Leisure**: The Backyard Pool area invites you to lounge on playful floats, savor a barbecue, and indulge in scrumptious snacks. It's an ideal setting for relaxation and enjoyment in the company of good food and friends.

- Bedroom Entertainment**: The Bedroom is a haven for games, playful jumps on the bed, toy collection, and artistic expression on canvas. It offers a delightful and calming space to connect with siblings or friends.

- Kitchen Creativity**: The Kitchen is a food enthusiast's dream, where you can experiment with all appliances and try out new recipes, all while bonding with family and friends over shared culinary adventures.


"My Pretend Home & Family Town" is the definitive interactive dollhouse game that delivers boundless fun and fosters creativity. With the capability to create your own world, investigate various play areas, customize cars in the Garage, unwind by the pool, play in the bedroom, and concoct tasty treats in the Kitchen, this app offers endless hours of immersive and delightful play for kids and adults alike. Download now and embark on a journey of imaginative play within the coziness of your own home!