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Black Emui Theme for Huawei

Black Emui Theme for Huawei

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  • Version:v8.4
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  • Time:2024-05-16
Content Introduction

Discover the "Obsidian EMUI Theme for Huawei", the definitive app for a sophisticated black theme transformation on your Huawei or Honor smartphone. Seeking a departure from the standard themes for a sleek and elegant update? This app is the answer. It features a suite of renowned EMUI themes, headlined by the premium Black Amoled theme, enabling you to embrace a timeless black aesthetic on your device. With broad compatibility across various EMUI versions and an array of black wallpapers, this app is designed to refine your phone's visual appeal. Download "Obsidian Beyond" now and embrace the newest wave of dark theme customization.

Features of the Obsidian EMUI Theme for Huawei App:

- Elegant Black Theme: The app presents an attractive and complimentary black theme for Huawei and Honor devices, offering users the opportunity to adopt a classic black theme.

- Unique and In-Demand: The Obsidian EMUI Theme stands out as a unique and sought-after dark theme among EMUI and Huawei themes.

- Fresh Black Wallpapers: It introduces a selection of fresh black wallpapers, providing users with the means to further customize their phone with a touch of style.

- Versatile Compatibility: The app is designed to be compatible with a range of EMUI versions, including EMUI 5.0, EMUI 5.1, EMUI 8.0, EMUI 8.1, EMUI 9.0, EMUI 9.1, and supports wallpapers up to Android 13.

- Dark Mode and EMUI 10 Interface: This black theme allows users to activate dark mode on their phones and experience the new Black EMUI 10 interface, offering a darkened user experience without the need for a system update.

- Refined Interface: The app delivers a sophisticated interface that refreshes the phone's look, providing a user system akin to Samsung's Note dark mode for an enhanced user experience.


For those aiming to boost the visual enchantment of their Huawei or Honor phone, the "Obsidian EMUI Theme for Huawei" app is an essential download. It provides a fetching black theme, unique appeal, and fresh black wallpapers to bestow a stylish and classic appearance on your phone. With its wide EMUI version support and features like dark mode and an EMUI 10 style, you can relish the latest interface enhancements without updating your software. The refined interface adds to the allure, making this app a top contender for phone personalization. Download now to give your phone a stylish makeover.